Posted in 2010s, Category C, Female Protagonists, Male Author

Shokugeki no Souma

Category C


This anime passes criterion 1 in episode 1, criterion 2 in episode 2 and criterion 3 in episode 5. The conversations are not frequent or non-trivial though.

  1. Are there two named female characters?
  2. Who have a conversation?
  3. Not about men?
  4. Does this happen frequently?
  5. Is the conversation non-trivial?

While rife with female fan service that could be considered quite over the top, this show balances it out by putting males in the same situations albeit a bit less frequently. Clothes exploding everywhere. Very fun series overall, but it centres on Souma enough that the females don’t really talk to each other much, just him. Did make me want to cook more though.

More data:

Author gender: male
No. of female protagonists/all protagonists: 2/6
Year of airing: 2015 – 2016


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