Bechdel Test


The Bechdel Test aims to show how pathetically bad the media is at including female characters in entertainment. The original question that this test is based on is:

Are there two named female characters who have a conversation, not about men, in this work of fiction?

I’ve adapted this question into stages and added some more criteria to make a better judgement. The rules for the more thorough Bechdel Test I’m gonna stick to are:

  1. Are there two named female characters?
  2. Who have a conversation?
  3. Not about men?
  4. Does this happen frequently?
  5. Is the conversation non-trivial?

Using these I’ve decided to score anime series from F (bad) to A (good) based on whether it passes points 1 – 5.

Some additional comments for the curious:

  • I treat sequels as part of the original
  • I might do the occasional anime movie
  • I might do some games as well
  • Transgendered characters that identify as female count
  • Mother – small child conversations don’t really count
  • The character has to be marginally important and named to be considered, e.g. a named female that appears only once and is utterly unimportant will not be counted.