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Rose of Versailles

Category A


This anime passes criterion 1 in episode 1 and criteria 2 and 3 in episode 2. The conversations are both frequent and non-trivial.

  1. Are there two named female characters?
  2. Who have a conversation?
  3. Not about men?
  4. Does this happen frequently?
  5. Is the conversation non-trivial?

Obviously it’s easier for a show with a female protagonist to meet these criteria, so it’s no wonder that this show does it so quickly. There could be some debate about Oscar’s femaleness since she clearly doesn’t present as a female, but the show will pass a bit later on regardless. Nice to see a mostly progressive show from the 70s/80s.

More data:

Author gender: female
No. of female protagonists/all protagonists: 2/4
Year of airing: 1979-1980