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Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters)

Category D


Koyasu Takehito’s masterpiece passes criteria 1 and 2, the former in episode 2  and the latter in episode 21. There are definitely no conversations between females not about men.

  1. Are there two named female characters?
  2. Who have a conversation?
  3. Not about men?
  4. Does this happen frequently?
  5. Is the conversation non-trivial?

Considering just how many female characters this show has, this is a sad result. I would understand if the girls attached to each protagonist never met or spoke because they each kept their romantic/brotherly affairs separate from their work, but for fucks sake, there is an assassin squad made up entirely of females. How is it possible for them to not even once have a conversation about something other than their male boss?

More data:

Author gender: male
No. of female protagonists/all protagonists: 0/4
Year of airing: 1998